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Custom Skateboard Deck

Dope Angels



Custom Skateboard Deck


Bape City Camo Custom skateboard decks are produced in small batches and once they're gone, they're gone! Hang them on your wall or thrash them in the streets, Custom Skateboard deck are unique works of functional art and are manufactured using only the highest quality maple from the great lakes region.


This PRO grade Skateboard Deck is equipped with a huge amount of POP! If you can source the other parts to complete the deck from home or a local shop or online store, you can take this deck to the streets!


P.s. We actually use wood instead of others who use plastic composites.

  • Product Dimensions: 32.8 length x 8.25 width 

Skateboard with 7 sheets made Canadian maple wood concave shaped.

Grip Tape Not Included 

Buy 2 Skateboards get 20% off Use Code: Slice234

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